With the increasing variety of requests from aspirants to learn Past Life Regression therapy and go through the joy of sharing our learnings, we will be doing a 5-day comprehensive learning Past Life Regression Therapy from Saturday, 24th Dec 2016 to 28th.

Past Life Regression Therapy Training India

Hidden within the depths in our unconscious self are the events from my past lives. Those memories are most often hidden, but manifest inside our behaviour, responses, as phobias or worse still as psychosomatic illness.

After experiencing this system you’ll be able to conduct Past Life Regression Therapy�. Everything while sporting the chance to also explore your personal past lives or childhood, or in-utero memories-those which may be the cause of an anxiety or depression or troubled relationship or a so named incurable disease.

Life Transforming!
It is often our observation that life doesn�t stay next training. Psychosomatic illness alleviate. There is an surge in focus, intelligence and creativity that lasts. We will show you the best way to lock it in and reap the huge benefits long afterwards.

That is it for?
Both therapists and non-therapists are welcome. If you’re already a hypnotherapist, psychologist or psychiatrist this may put in more toolkit the unfailing strategy to effectively cure your patients using this drugless medical modality.

This time around, were opening this opportunity for all those that have a genuine aspiration to understand this art.

The five days exercise program is good for an incredibly limited batch with hand picked individuals, to make sure that personal attention may be given. Due to customized, individual attention provided, it is not set up for high-volume attendance, which regularly results in a wait list.

The founding father of Amarantos-Mr. Venu Murthy had attended earlier times Life Regression Therapy Training at Omega within the saintly presence of Dr. Weiss. It surely was magnanimous. However many of his colleagues still arrived not feeling confident enough to begin their own practice. They went out for some more trainings in Hypnotherapy and etc, everything that until their aspiration to start their very own practice fizzled out. Hence this training has been built to make certain that once you are going through this intensive training, choosing capable of conducting successful Past Life Regression Therapy sessions and commence your personal practice.

Methodical Approach
Through the training, terse concepts are systematically introduced. Visual learning methodology is used to permanently etch concepts into your working memory. Activities are built to master the relevant skills. We start preparing which you month or two before the training.

What you will really learn?
You will learn and then for individuals who have already learnt, you’ll hone increase skills within the professional and scientific approach to Past Life Regression Therapy along with :-

Experiential exercises
Interviewing Techniques
Regression Techniques
Hypnosis Techniques
Induction Techniques
Deepening Techniques
Intensive Practical Skills
BRV, IDT and etc

Tying all these learnings in the context of Ancient Wisdom,

Most Importantly, this training is comprehensive.

You wouldn’t have to take up any longer trainings after completing this training.

Past Life Regression Therapy Training India

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